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There is a large portion of the planet that hold a belief system based on one of the 5 top religions and would gladly accept a global stewardship challenge Love to know what you think about this… have a look at my FaceBook group, just started out, feedback is magic https://www.facebook.com/groups/374719573893986/

Tell me more about what you’re thinking of re “global stewardship challenge”?

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More GSC Global stewardship challenge not less means active participation in local tribes, I have awesome feedback from my post at https://www.p2tp-Vaiscope.net an organic collaboration which grows following natural process similar to cell division. Special invitation for those interested in learning how it works found at the website, if you have an aversion to clicking links I can paste it here?

I have no objection to checking out the link, and in fact did actually go to look at your facebook group already. :slight_smile: I just wasn’t clear on what was being proposed, either there or in your original post here, and hoped you might be able to help me understand … ?