Working togetherness: elevating our working and group environments

Most of us come together in groups or organisations at some point in our lives, especially when we’re working on or towards a mutually-agreed goal. I believe, in every core of my being, that these groups and organisations have the potential to not only enrich the human spirit on an individual level, but can elevate what we as humans are capable of, in a way that is often not possible if we were all working in isolation.

More and more, I see played out the benefits of diverse voices, thinking, and approaches coming together, with the whole being way more than the sum of its parts. And diversity is the key here, to safeguard against forced (and natural) like-mindedness, which often creates systems that cause suffering and stagnation.

There are so many aspects to explore here. We could easily have topics on: how to navigate group dynamics, how to organise next-stage organisations, what useful leadership looks and feels like (and how to get there), groups, organisations, and individuals who are already modeling systems and approaches that are working exceptionally well in the world. Perhaps we’ll end up with these threads in Praxorium too, not all of them started by me!! (:heart_eyes:); for now, I feel pulled to explore this as story-telling, as a way to uplift us and inspire us: what may be, as opposed to what already is.

To start, here’s the story I am currently carrying (inspired by something @kylie suggested in the thread on the GCT proposal about starting with a vision of it being 2040 and how we think it might well look if we head in the right direction:

It’s 2040 and humankind is moving into a new phase. It’s been painful in many ways, but beneath all the struggles is a sense that we’re heading in the right direction and we have got the wisdom and clarity to shift our future into one that will bring generative wellness to our future generations. We’re engaged with a global shift into regenerative and sustainable agriculture; we’re seeing ourselves as stewards of our home, the Earth, not owners; we’ve reduced our usage of fossil fuels and destructive environmental practices and are fully enabling technologies and approaches that support our long-term wellbeing and improve the lives of all; we have strengthened local as well as global; we are heading towards the idea of desperate poverty and hardship as a strange idea that can’t be quite understood; and we have shifted out of our current political and economic climate, actively and excitedly responding to where we’re at now and where we’re going and creating the structures and governance that are bringing us new and healthy ways of ‘being’ on this planet.

And for those that choose to work together, our working environments are spaces that enrich us, serving both our individual needs and elevating our work together. They’re places that are built on core principles that each group agrees on. For me, I envision working in groups and organisations that consciously work on creating spaces that:

*Support our natural cycles, our ebbs and flows of creation and retreat, energy output and rest etc.
*We feel safe and supported in, especially financially, regardless of the state of our health and commitments
*Support our need to respond to what’s going on in our lives; to enable our attention to go where it needs to go
*Support our wholeness: to enable us bring all the parts of us (that we choose to) to our work; spaces where we don’t have job roles but are simply, and currently, an important element, neither more or less useful than any other; spaces where we recognise that we have to have opportunities to grow and explore and fail and try things, and so we are able to flow in and out of skill-based tasks or needed tasks as appropriate, knowing that we are not limited by our titles or set roles
*We practice the art of supporting diversity of thinking, approaches, and feeling
*Where all aspects are honoured and encouraged: our thinking self, our gut feelings, our emotional signposting, our imagination (wherever and however we find clarity, guidance, solutions, and new ideas)
*Where we are challenged: in our thinking, our worldviews, our beliefs etc.
*Where there is mature conflict guidance and resolution
*Where we can work as suits us best: in our own space, in a group space, in a team, individually, all of these as we choose
*And where by working together, we spark off each other and bring to the world new ideas that are focused on generation, regeneration, and sustainability, as is required.

I’d love to hear your visions and your stories :revolving_hearts:

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Good stuff. Although as we’ve discussed, it’s critical to (1) know your own boundaries and (2) be alert to the risk of falling into group think.

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Beautiful ‘casting on’ :woman_mage:… thank you Anna-Marie

Ever increasingly, I find the same. I love getting in the flow of creation on my own, but on those occasions when co-creation happens … wow. I want more!

Yep. There seems to be a balancing ‘edge’ of diversity and coherence. Too much diversity seems to make coherence around a purpose impossible (or at least incredibly time-consuming) … too much coherence leads to narrowness – as you say, to stagnation and suffering. Not an easy edge to walk …

Thank you for sharing this vision :purple_heart: You’ll eventually see ‘my vision story’ as a draft for the GCT brochure, I guess, but in the meantime, I rather like yours! :wink:

The only thing I would adjust a bit is to remove the “especially financially” part from “We feel safe and supported in, especially financially, regardless of the state of our health and commitments”.

I think this kind of financial security/insurance is better managed as a social guarantee (e.g. UBI, healthcare, support payments) rather than by our workplaces. Attaching such benefits to work creates perverse incentives (e.g. to discriminate and to prolifically generate fiery hoops of administration for people to jump through).