Why don't politicians talk about vision and values?

Next weekend, Australia has a national election. As usual, we’re being bombarded with over-simplified slogans and sound-bites from the various parties, along with a lot of really boring and/or irrelevantly scandalous news stories. And as usual, the main focus of all the above is on taxes and costs and jobs, with a little lip-service paid to climate, health and education … which is quickly hijacked again to focus back on costs and jobs and taxes.

I find it utterly depressing. There’s no vision, no excitement, nothing to strive for or even sensibly discuss amongst ourselves.

Why not?

Perhaps we assume that there’s no need to talk about what we’re aiming for because everyone already agrees on the same vision, and the only thing left to figure out is how we might best achieve it …?

Would you agree that we should strive to empower every human being to thrive and contribute the best of their gifts to themselves, their loved ones, our society, our species and our planet?

If not, what vision for humanity would inspire you? What do you value?

Is this discourse? Feels like it might be, with some customization.

Politicians campaign and speak in cartoon language because they have all learned by now that such language wins in our age of tainted and corrupt media and - tragically - tainted and emotionally conditioned media consumers.

What can be done about it?

We could try hammering home the point, day and night, in every context, that the media is foul and repulsive. Seize the values discussion, and fair or not, heap blame and scorn on the weapon being used to spin the society’s mind and values.

By emphasizing “foul” we would trigger human’s built in trait of moral disgust.

It might be strong enough to cause change.

Yes, the forum software is Discourse. :slight_smile: And the wiki software is MediaWiki.

I agree that politicians do what they do because it works.

Do you think that the media is foul and repulsive under all conditions, or just the way that we’re using it at present?

I have wondered sometimes whether Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays had any notion of the genie he was releasing from the bottle …

I also wonder whether there might be a way to incentivise truth in social media, for example by having weighted truth reputation system rather than the dopamine-inducing “like” system we have at the moment. I doubt this would work with broadcast media though …