Tool for aligning philanthropists and impact investors with projects needing funding

What if there are philanthropists out there who want to find a way to support this kind of work, but don’t know how to find us?

Where would they go to try to find our kinds of projects? And how could we signal to them?

Based on an initial conversation with Neil Davidson this morning (18/11/19):

  • How to find funding for the abstract, systems-based work we do, when it’s hard to even find understandable language with which to describe it to those who might be interested in supporting it?

  • Playing with the idea of a survey/filter ‘tool’ which aligns values with action approaches … getting it published anywhere that it looks like philanthropists might visit

    • Of whom? How? Who writes the questions? How to frame it?
    • David Jago’s ORID framing might help
    • Also Anneleos Smitsman’s 5 Future Archetypes?
    • Values frameworks?
      • e.g. someone who ‘must have’ financial returns should be looking at ‘investing’ rather than philanthropy
  • We do not wish to compromise our integrity, our worldview, by risking capture by people that don’t ‘get us’

  • Framing the problem … perhaps we need to hook in to worldviews/values that are core to what we need in terms of supportive funding, without getting caught on the underlying ‘why’ of those values

  • Possible approach:

    1. Start by ‘profiling’ our perfect (abstract) funder
    2. Find the dimensions relevant to that profile
    3. Extend the dimensions, work out other profiles and which project models suit them
    4. Design questions to probe along those dimensions
    5. Pilot to validate and adjust as needed
    6. Publish
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Working spreadsheet in Google docs: Funding alignment tool

List of sheets in workbook:

  • Dimensions
  • Sources