TogetherTec - a technology cooperative

An inspiring initiative of CrowdDemocracy. I recommend listening to the playlist, and then, if you’re interested, subscribe and sign up for the email list.

From the introduction video comments:

We are creating a technology cooperative that is run with full transparency and liquid democracy (or better)
We are going to use it to create the lives that work for us, the individuals.
over the next 10 days (Dec 4-13th, 2019) We will be releasing a series of 10 videos including:

Tech is Powerful
Tech is Risky
Together Tech is More powerful
Together Tech is Less Risky
Idea Cafe: Our first Project
Tools for Mass Collaboration
What Else we can Create Together
Never Been Done Before
How to Get Involved

While listening to the videos, I was reminded of some TED talks by Tristan Harris and Zeynep Tufecki.

Tristan Harris

Zeynep Tufecki