Stakeholder Engagement

@kylie Hey Kylie. Do you think that we are missing a trick by not exploring:

  1. Who are the stakeholders of the GCT? (well, potentially everyone: those that may become members, those that don’t, those being charged rents)

  2. Should we and how would we engage with GCT stakeholders as we’re creating the proposal for funding?

One thought I have is whether we set up a Praxorium (or maybe GCT) LinkedIn page (assuming there isn’t one?) and look to engage people there. It would need some careful thinking about how we would engage a larger group of people at this stage, so that greater diversity/inclusivity doesn’t lead to ‘too many voices and all going to crap’. One way to approach it could be about looking at who are the right people to bring in at this stage? PS, the Praxorium LinkedIn page links in to my next post…

Love to hear your thoughts.

To be honest at this ‘request for funding’ stage I’m not keen to expend much energy on engaging other stakeholders.

I do want to be transparent and open, and am always happy to discuss the GCT with anyone interested enough to reach out to us, but otherwise, I figure we already have more than enough unpaid work to do in pulling the funding request together without expanding our range of commitments to others. If there’s a little bit of random ‘hey, take a look at what we’re doing over here’ sprinkling of information around the place (which we’re both already doing, I think?) that’s cool … but flying mostly under the radar and avoiding raising others’ expectations is sanity-protective for me at the moment.

Of course, once we have the foundations (e.g. brochure and website) mostly built, so people can see what’s happening for themselves and have a good starting point from which to discuss, that’s a whole other story …

Maybe we can discuss further in our next call? :slight_smile:

Sure, no worries. I respect where you’re at with this. We shall fly low then for now :yellow_heart:

Yes, of course, let’s see if we feel the need to talk it through next week. I feel like your response might just be fine and no further discussion needed at this point!

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