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Further to the thread called ‘Praxorium Innovation Lab’…

I’d love to see if there’s any life in getting a Praxorium networking space up and running. To get things started, perhaps we can start by writing a sentence or two about:

  1. What our current needs/desires/goals would be with a networking space.
  2. What we can offer at this point towards getting it up and running.
  3. What we feel would be important to clarify at this point, so that we have the best chance of making sure that we find the right framework that will work best for us. This might be values/feelings, what you see as important to acknowledge about groups, any concerns etc.
  4. Your availability/timescales.

And of course, anything else we want to share.


For me,

  1. I’m craving a space for: a group that we can unabashedly share and take joy in innovation and creative approaches to life in all its aspects. A place to build community, to laugh, share things I’m struggling with so that the group intelligence can do some magic, deeply listen to others and be able to offer my insights and responses to their struggles, practice co-creation and collaboration, learn things, and be valued/seen. I love the idea of a kind of Innovation Lab, where we have a balance between an open space, seeing what comes up, and focused attention. And, where we have guest speakers/facilitators, to explore different things.

  2. I’m up for being a part of the following roles: organisation at all levels, facilitation (especially of the first video meeting), and being a part of the exploration of how this might be. *Adding in: setting up and being part of running a LinkedIn page, if appropriate.

  3. Any of these may change, but for now: That this starts as a fairly small, tight group, to ease the getting started bit. But, I feel that our long-term intention has to be to create a space that brings in truly diverse voices/points of view, while keeping a level of agreement about how the group works and what its ‘reason’ is. My concerns right now are finding the right balance of voices in the group. I also have a fear that my ease with having a go at things and happily kicking them off might be alienating, so I want to be aware of giving everyone space to innovate and design and create this as much as they want to, but I also don’t want to stop being me, and I am focused and energised and enjoy sparking things off when something pulls me. Lastly, I would like, as much as possible (and I’m thinking this will likely only be possible over time) to be part of a group where we are genuinely open with each other and have the courage and the systems in place to tackle conflicts directly; I desire a space of genuine authenticity, both with being able to be loving and kind and to speaking any issues arising.

  4. The start of the new year would be a good time for me. Then, a call every 2nd week is ideal for me. Daytimes and early evening (UK time) is fine, any day of the week, but I’d like to not be on a call past 8.30pm UK time.

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I’d love a space to practice conscious scuba-diving, spelunking and collaborative experimentation, where we can turn over our assumptions and see what insights scurry out from underneath them. Bring a problem or experience or idea, and see what else emerges as we discuss it.

Participation, whenever I can (since timing can be a bit of a pest in Australia). Plus Praxorium support wherever that makes sense and is desired – possibilities might include a Praxorium YouTube channel, making sure appropriate files can be shared and uploaded here, setting up an instant chat function of some sort, creating categories/groups etc.

Anna-Marie, you’ve pretty much covered everything I would say at this point in the process. I’m happy to let the group form as it will and respond to what emerges …

Beginning of 2020 sounds good, as does a fortnightly call. I’d like to keep 11pm to 5am (Brisbane time) clear but otherwise can be fairly flexible.


Yes! I love that :star_struck:

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Summarising the chat we had recently, and what I can remember came out of it:

  • an umbrella structure (under the Praxorium banner) of ‘idea cafe’-style small online meetings, organised on a regular basis, for ‘members’ (we didn’t really discuss this in huge detail, but when I talk of members I’m thinking of people registered as interested in joining calls and are part of an online ‘hub’, perhaps on FB/LI or here, which will serve as a place for discussion and to share information on the online meetings coming up etc.

  • each online meeting will be kept at a max of 4/5 people.

  • there can be unlimited numbers of online meetings happening each time, meaning we can have an unlimited number of ‘members’ in the umbrella structure.

  • suggested online meeting subjects could be suggested by hub facilitators and members and then people could vote on which subjects they want, or perhaps join the call that interests them if members simply go ahead and set up a call on a subject that interests them.

  • who is already registered for a specific online meeting will be available to see, so we can choose not to join a meeting if we don’t feel OK with someone already signed up, and we can withdraw if someone joins after us that we don’t feel OK with (we discussed an intimacy ‘rating’ system but on reflection I’m not sure this is needed if it shows who is already registered for a call and shares who signs up to the people already signed up).

  • members of each call could decide each time if they want the call recorded, recorded and shared publicly, or not.

*by having small-sized calls under one banner (which therefore allows for an unlimited number of members), this could enable us to have truly diverse voices from all around the world, with a huge range of experience, wisdom, approach, knowledge etc.

@kylie Please edit or add as needed!

I’m still up for this 100% but I woke up this morning realising that while this sounds great, it doesn’t seem to match my current craving for an intimate, trusted group that I have regular calls with, who can deeply know me and what’s going on in my life, and who I can get to know deeply. I’d like to be part of an intimate group that talk regularly, for whatever individuals/the group needs as we need it. Perhaps 7 or 8 people, so that each call ideally has at least 4 or 5 members each time. A place of truly knowing each other and building a strong community.

Being part of a truly diverse field AND an intimate, long-term group feels ‘whole’ right now so putting out there that I’m up for both.

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When did you start sleeping Kylie? :thinking::sweat_smile:

Sleeping? Puzzled …

Sounds about right from what I recall, too … and I am also interested in both types of calls. :smiley:

[quote=“kylie, post:8, topic:132”]
Sounds about right from what I recall, too … and I am also interested in both types of calls. :smiley:
[/quote] :+1::+1:

Excellent. I think, time-wise, I won’t have a huge amount of time to put into this until the other side of Christmas, but great to know that we have a good starting point for both. Now, just needing to engage others in this! Any ideas appreciated :slight_smile:

Simply implying that you don’t sleep much. Due to a busy brain and too much work…:nerd_face: