Praxorium needs a logo and I've created a project to get one designed

In the interests of keeping launch costs to a minimum, and bearing in mind the limits of my design skills, I’ve used the letters “Pr” as a temporary logo, because I wanted to have something.

Of course, “Pr” doesn’t graphically represent what Praxorium is intended to achieve. I want to replace it with a logo that does mean more than a couple of letters.

Anyway, a friend and I were discussing mandalas some months ago, and during the course of the conversation, we agreed that a mandala would probably be an appropriate logo for Praxorium, given its purpose.

Neither of us know enough about mandalas to design an appropriately structured one ourselves … so I’ve created a project in the interests of soliciting input from people who do know a lot more about mandalas than either of us do.

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