Praxorium Innovation Lab

@kylie I’ve been really missing the network that we were a part of for a small time this summer and for a while now I’ve been wondering if you and others may be also missing that sense of networking space, and, if so, how we might instigate a new one? Which leads me to this idea… a Praxorium online innovation lab, that may evolve into in-person events (the name is more just the idea of what it would be, we can work on finding the best descriptive term if this moves further).

It could give us (and others!) a well-organised space to come together and feel that sense of connection and communing from having a more ‘live’ space to hold conversations, share, laugh, undertake collaborative problem exploration and journeying, learn, ask for help and offer it, joyfully bring forth ideas and see where they might go with the benefit of group intelligence.

My suggestions:
Group Zoom call every 2 weeks, alternating between an open or subject-led space, and then a guest speaker.
Keeping it a fairly tight group to start with.
Reaching out to some of the key innovators for our guest speakers.

If we get a LinkedIn page up and running, where we’re sharing the discussions happening here (we’d need agreement, so we’d need to think through this carefully), we could also link that into this group.

It would also have the potential to bring more people to this space, which could then be used to support the lab (messaging space, perhaps a private topic space, like with the consultancy).

Love to hear your reflections when appropriate for you :smile:

@Shersh also suggested an open zoom call/room some time ago, with more of a systemic business problem-solving focus, but still … not so different. (Sorry Seymour, I have been very slack about responding to nearly everyone since I returned from the UK in October :flushed: )

Anyway, I’m taking the opportunity to reply to both of you at once here because (a) I’ve been meaning to introduce the two of you for a while now, and (b) my answer to both proposals is the same: I do very much like the idea of these conversations taking place, with or without me. This is what Praxorium’s for!

As I see it, these conversations are ‘projects’ in themselves, which can live in whole or in part on the Praxorium ecosystem. Each can start (at your own convenience!) with a thread in the Projects category, and if it grows enough to need better organisation, we can always create a sub-category for it. :slight_smile:


I’d be up for something like this too

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@kylie Excellent. Be great to have you as a part of this, but appreciate the encouragement to just do it :smile: As you suggested, I’ll start a thread under ‘projects’ to get the ball rolling, and we’ll see what unfolds.

@Shersh Lovely to be introduced to you. It sounds like there may be a similar goal/need in common. Since Kylie has been wanting us to meet, perhaps we could have a Skype at some point that works for you and meet each other properly? As mentioned above, as I’m feeling the energy towards this, I’ll start a thread under ‘projects’ and then anyone that wants to can start exploring if there is some kind of Innovation Lab/Business Lab that will naturally arise.

@simonk Great. Be good to have you join the Projects thread I’ll set up then.


Oh, I’d love to be a part of it, just want to make sure I don’t become a bottleneck on great ideas! :sunglasses:

Looking forward to it.

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