Praxorium ecosystem service -- managing attention, starting with event participation and calendaring

Starting discussions regarding the need for a multi-perspective calendaring tool. It’s hard to even know the right thing to call it, so for now, who cares, we’ll figure it out eventually.

I’m starting this thread as an initial place to capture links, thoughts etc. No doubt it will move elsewhere when the time is right. Might also need to section off a private place for the project team.

Collaboration central whiteboard - with mind-map, requirements grid, kanban board and a place for comments, chat, sticky notes etc

Patreon post about the project

I’ve adjusted the name of this project mostly because it has become clearer during the course of conversations that while we intend to start working with event calendaring, we’re really looking to empower (all) users of the ecosystem to optimise sovereignty over their own time and attention.

An interesting theme that has emerged through these discussions might be expressed like this:

We are so accustomed to having to spend our precious scarce intangible resources of time and attention on navigating pre-existing structures in our information ecosphere that we take the need to do so for granted.