Potential funders/leads for GTC Request for Funding

I thought we could start noting potential leads/funders:

Communications/PR & perhaps someone that knows of potential funders?
Greg Hittleman
Founder and Managing Director
(Private consulting services include public relations, crisis communications, media training, interview preparation, branding and strategy for launches and campaigns.) He’s also director of The Sentry and Enough Project, working alongside George Clooney and John Prendergast (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Prendergast_(activist))

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People who have expressed some interest in seeing proposal once done:

  • David Turik
  • Lawrence Bloom
  • Jamie Joy Throgmorton

Also, if anyone reads this and is interested in having the proposal sent to them, please let us know, either in replies to this thread, or by contacting me (kylie@praxorium.org)

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There’s also my friend Simon’s brother who works in investment in the States (mainly putting this here as a reminder to get more info when we’re at the stage of seeking investment)

I’ve just been reading about Mike Cannon-Brooke’s advocacy re climate change, and Damon Gameau’s film 2040 which “identifies projects around the world to show that there are other ways of delivering electricity, getting around, growing crops and living with animals that don’t cost the Earth”.

I’d like to talk to both at the appropriate time. :slight_smile:

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