Plastics - recycling, the growing market, lies and denial of responsibility

This heart-wrenching piece appears to be well researched, delving quite deeply into the issues caused by plastics in our world.

A couple of months ago I also watched ‘A Plastic Ocean’ for the first time, at a small venue in the UK. Afterwards, Jo Ruxton (one of the film’s producers) gave a talk and passed around large jars containing plastics taken from the stomachs of albatross chicks during the making of the film. I had no words for the grief I felt that evening … and I still don’t now. It just hurts … my mind, my heart, my whole body.

Plastic is so ubiquitous and hard to avoid that it usually feels like sane survival requires locking my own cognitive dissonance away in a don’t-touch-this box in my mind, so I just don’t have to think or feel about it at all. Sure, when it is reasonably easy for me to make a choice in my daily life, I choose the non-plastic option, pick up plastic from the ground as I walk near the water. It’s not enough. I know it’s not.

I can’t help wondering whether there is anything more likely to change our collective habits than making fossil fuels so expensive that it becomes worthwhile for everyone to find and switch to alternatives …