Movement towards a Regenerative Economy - how might we speed it up?

Sometimes it is healing to focus on the positive things that are going on in the world. Here’s how I got an upbeat start to my morning today:

It’s nice to see discussion about how our impact on our ecosystem is not solely a function of our population:

In a thriving natural system, a simple equation exists: the benefit each individual provides must outweigh the costs they bear on the environment. By doing this, the system replenishes itself, and so sustains.

This is true across species and ecosystems, with the exception of us — so far. Some might argue that our exceptionalism stems from population growth. There are just too many of us!

Exponential-thinker Tom Chi elegantly debunks this idea through a comparison with ants. Ants are smaller than humans but there are many more of them. It works out that the combined biomass of all ants on Earth is coincidentally roughly the same as that of all humans on Earth. Ants, however, eat 10 times more food than us!

Image copied from article, with credit to Tom Chi.

Of course this doesn’t mean that all our wicked problems are all solved and we can blithely continue on our current trajectory. The rate of change, from unsustainable practices to regenerative ones, isn’t fast enough. Yet.

How can we speed up the rate of change? :thinking:

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