Leyla Acaroglu on Ron Garan's podcast The Orbital Perspective

Dr Leyla Acaroglu is a UN Champion of the Earth (2016), sustainability provocateur and designer. The whole discussion is pretty good, but I have linked it here because at 35:40, a question is raised by an audience member regarding the UN serving as a global platform for communicating on a planetary scale, and I really liked the succinctness of Ron’s initial answer, which I roughly jotted down as:

“In order for life to survive and thrive on this planet, one species on planet Earth … needs to figure out how to cooperate on a planetary scale.”

I think this is exactly right. I also think that we need to recognise that there are many ways of cooperating, suited to different purposes and different scales.

As Leyla points out during this discussion, we could probably all agree that we’d like to have air to breathe.

The consensus would be there, right? So I’d like to propose that the difficulty we face is not so much one of agreement as it is one of action, of coordination …

… and that is a governance problem.

We need global commons governance.