Is blockchain *necessary* for decentralising governance?

Frequently, when I talk to people about the Global Commons Trust / Stewardship System concept, if they have an interest in blockchain they will very quickly suggest (sometimes strongly!) that the GCT/SS needs a cryptocurrency and/or to be built on the blockchain.

So far, I’ve not been able to understand this assertion … perhaps because I do not have sufficient understanding of what blockchain uniquely enables, or perhaps because those making the assertion are viewing the GCT/SS concept as being something different than it is … or, well, who knows?

So I want to raise the question here, for anyone who would like to tackle it:

Is the blockchain a necessary (or even especially desirable) technology for the GCT/SS?

And why?

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I think blockchain is one of those critical things that can and in some cases Should be applied in business. Though, the level of importance is dictated by what you intend on doing with the data. BI dictates that premium, or even Zero data be used for increasing and streamlining business streams and using captured data to offer insight into possible efficiencies and foresights. And if I’m wrong, then thank god I’m not in IT anymore :confused:

That’s my take on it anyway.

I’m going FISHING! :wink:

Thanks Rob. Any thoughts on how it might (or should) be applied in the commons (rather than business) space?

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I’m not certain that it does Kylie. The GCT is Not for Profit, so your goals are different, thus changing your requirements. You dont “need” those micro-efficiencies.

I’m not sure you’d need to complicate things with an alternative currency. Certainly not at this stage. Though, I’d like to hear their reasoning. That will tell the tale I think.

…and I would’ve thought that decentralization would call for the opposite of blockchain? :thinking:

Yeah, I’d like to understanding the reasoning too. Thanks :slight_smile:

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