Community Canvas tool (framework) for building stronger communities

I haven’t looked over this yet and don’t really have time to do so at present, but on first glance, it attracted my interest and sense of questioning, and since the former is a good start I figured I might as well share first and explore later. Certainly, I am very appreciative of the work done on this by both initial creators and helpers, and love that it has been gifted to the commons.

(Note re “sense of questioning” – there are a few terms used on the canvas summary diagram (e.g. “Rules” and “Success Definition”, and “Brand”) which in me prompt a slight ‘itchy’ feeling. This is quite possibly due to my ignorance of what was intended by these terms, and/or my assumptions and biases about how the canvas is intended to be used. I hope to delve at some point when I’m less busy to see if I can track down what’s going on for me there.)

As always, I’d be very interested to hear what others think of this as a tool, particularly those who have experience using it? :slight_smile: